Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Academy Award - Visual Effects

Lets start with one of this years technical categories, and have a run through the nominee's.

Snow White And The Hunstman 

The first of our nominee's is the movie meant to show us Kristen Stewart was not limited to her Twilight character, and it ended up being Bella and the Huntsman. The visual effects featured in this movie where subtle at times, but very effective, unfortunately it really can't compete with the other movies in this category.


This movies effects where visually stunning, creating the environment and atmosphere required in such a huge movie, any other year this would be one of the favorites on the night, but this is an exceptional year.

Marvels The Avenger's

As the highest grossing movies of 2012 ($1.5 billion), this is a welcome nod from the academy, the movie was stunning, even if the effects in The Amazing Spiderman where markedly superior. It is however just a nod, recognition for the biggest movie of the year, but it is just a nomination, stands an outside chance but i don't think it will win on the night, which is a shame.

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey

Peter Jackson knows what he wants to achieve and exactly who to get to do it. As expected the effects are great, although i really feel that this movies biggest flaw will cost it in this category, and that is the increased frame rate the movie was filmed in. I rushes through and compared to other nominee's here the effects are not as enjoyable.

Life Of Pi

Where to start here, its packed to the brim with so many effects, some of which are that good you wouldn't automatically assume that they are visual effects, that is the mark of a great visual effects team. Ang Lee has a reputation for visually stunning movies, and this could be the first of a few technical awards for this movie.

So, overall its most likely a two horse race here, Life of Pi will end up winning the little gold man, but if we are in for a night of surprises, then The Avengers would also be a worthy winner even if the Academy does tend to ignore the huge blockbusters.

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