Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Academy Award - Makeup & Hairstyling

This is the smallest of this years categories, but all three have shown great use of the mediums. Lets take a look at this years nominee's.


Turning Sir Antony Hopkins into the iconic Alfred Hitchcock is quite a transformation, and a flawless one at that. If you did not know who it was before you saw it then its very easy to be unable to tell, perfect hairstyling really adds to the time period this movie is set in. Overall a great effort, well deserving of an Academy nod.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

There is no doubting the skill that it takes to create the characters that in habit Middle Earth, and it is used to great effect here. My only issue with this winning on the night is we've seen all this before in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, so no matter how deserving or amazing the makeup artists are, its been done before and may cost the movie this statue.

Les Miserables

Hugh Jackman looking so rough was quite a shock, and the transformation of Anne Hathaway was truly incredible. Although perhaps not as impressive as The Hobbit, I do feel that the makeup and hairstyling is used to a much more dramatic effect, influencing the story and building the atmosphere of the whole movie, its for this reason i tip Les Mis for the win.

The three nominated movies all demonstrate the effective use of makeup and hairstyling to create characters, atmosphere and plot, I think Les Mis does it better, but The Academy might not agree, if everyone judges The Hobbit based on whats gone before then it will not win, there is nothing originally done, but like I said I may be wrong. * special mention has to go to Hitchcock for turning Hopkins into the great film maker.

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